83% of ITDMS say their organisations won't use passwords in five years

News by Danielle Correa

Four out of five ITDMs predict that their organisations will be passwordless in five years.

Four out of five ITDMs predict that their organisations will be passwordless in five years.

New research from SecureAuth revealed that many organisations are waking up to the data breaches of 2016 and adopting a new approach to authentication, moving beyond passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) to stronger methods.

Southern organisations (86 percent) are more likely to move beyond passwords compared to their Northern counterparts (60 percent) in five years' time. US counterparts (69 percent) say they would phase out passwords in this time frame.

Only two in 10 (17 percent) still intend to deploy passwords as the sole means of authentication.

Forty-nine percent of millennial ITDMs think their organisation will do away with passwords compared to only 32 percent of 35-54 year olds.

Nearly half of respondents said they predict physical biometrics (49 percent), device recognition techniques (30 percent), 2FA (30 percent) and geographic capabilities will be implemented in five years' time.

Twenty-seven percent of ITDMs said the fear of disrupting users' daily routine was holding them back from enhancing their authentication strategy. A quarter of users preferred access to their resources without any secondary steps.

“It's not surprising to see a divided opinion of 2FA, ITDMs face an ongoing battle as they feel they are forced to choose between increased security and good user experience. It is possible to both strengthen security and not interfere with user's experience with adaptive authentication techniques,” said Keith Graham, chief technology officer at SecureAuth.

“While 2FA methods are certainly better than username and password alone, over 15 years of experience shows users don't want to take extra steps to secure themselves. Technology has to better solve the problem so that users can adopt without friction,” Graham said.


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