Eighty-nine percent of UK organisations experience increased customer retention owing to their security practices.


New research from CA Technologies has revealed that UK businesses highlight a 39 percent improvement is customer satisfaction and a 38 percent growth in revenue from their IT security practices.

The global study collected responses from 1,770 senior business and IT executives, including over 100 CSOs and CISOs from 21 countries.


Security is viewed as critical to protecting their brand and as a competitive differentiator for 93 percent of UK organisations, the highest figure in Europe.


Eighty-three percent said identity-centric security is critical to the business – the second highest score in Europe, after Italy). Identity-centric security helps ensure an organisation's security practices don't infringe on the overall user experience.


One-third of UK organisations report an increase in cyber-security breaches over the last 12 months, while 20 percent have seen a decrease. More investment in security (67 percent), coupled with the implementation of strong, step-up authentication (40 percent) have led to a decrease in cyber-security breaches.


The research entails that only 24 percent of UK organisations use analytics to proactively detect and prevent data breaches, and just 21 percent can predict the risk of breaches before they occur.


“Security has always been about protecting the business, compliance, and efficient business operations; this study is proof that security also contributes to business growth. In the application economy, customers want failsafe security and a frictionless experience,” said Paul Briault, senior director at CA Technologies.