94% of businesses suffered cyber-security incident

News by Chandni Sembhi

A Kaspersky Lab report, using research from B2B International surveying 3,900 respondents from 27 countries, has found that 94 percent of businesses have had at least one cyber-security incident in the past year.

In the 2012 and 2013 surveys, only nine percent of companies experienced cyber-attacks. The recent increase is a problem for all businesses, as an attack could cost enterprises more than £1.5 million, and small businesses around £52,000.

Targeted attacks made up eight percent of data leaks overall. Some 17 percent of targeted attacks hit the telecoms industry, and the financial, transportation, and logistics sectors have had 16 percent of targeted attacks each.

Chris Doggett, managing director of Kaspersky Lab, North America, said: "The survey results clearly indicate that many businesses now recognise that the threat of a targeted attack is very real and could be very harmful for their organisation. However, we are seeing that the number of companies that are actually taking that knowledge and turning it into an action to protect their organisation from such attacks is still alarmingly low.”

 Doggett added, “If people want to break into your organisation, they will. Rewards are so much higher” and the risk is so much lower than physical attacks “that organised crime has gotten into it.” But the attacks are difficult to protect against because they defy traditional security measures such as firewalls. “Criminals can be so covert that they can stay on your system for years” without being detected.

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