A general tightening of belts is being helped by proper knowledge of IT systems and services and what is and is not being paid for.

Speaking on its experience of the UK IT market since its launch into Europe three months ago, Abdel Kander, general manager of BDNA Europe, claimed that there is a lot more maturity in the UK with regards to compliance, but a new aspect to consider is cost allocation.

He said that this is often a dilemma, as companies outsource IT they are careful on how money is spent and on how they are being billed. He said: “They want to get value from their outsourcers and are talking to us to get a knowledge of their assets. They are looking to pay only for what they use and not for a service that they are not using in a pay per use model.

“There is now close scrutiny and they are using our technology to know what is where because if no one is using one service or piece of software, then they do not want to pay for it. This is something we see a great deal and whether it is a service or a data centre charge, if it is something which is being used by no one they will switch it off."

Paul Winters, UK country manager for BDNA, claimed that cost allocation will become more important in the public sector as they can go to different departments and get a value on profit and loss.

“We look at it from a provider's point of view and from a customer's point of view and cost is the most important thing,” he said.