Companies should move away from a generic web use policy and monitor actions for access.

Richard Turner, CEO of Clearswift, claimed that what unites its customers is a strong sense of the value of data, as they want the business to run and have the ability to share information and give users a way into the internet rather than stop and block.

Turner said: “The web tool can be configured, there are generic policies but they are what stifle companies, you want to empower people by advising on policy, keep a record of the policy and give them tools to manage productivity.

“You can stop access to certain parts of a site, an AVI file can be legitimate or not, the perspective that organisations have is that the page is not acceptable. You can be very granular but there are repositories, we are driving children to be IT competent and there are certain elements that you want to control, so being able to set fine grain controls depends on the organisation's attitude to risk.”

Turner further claimed that Clearswift believes that it is better to have a policy position rather than putting the shutters down.

“In companies they can have one rule in the IT environment that you can't use the web because of one person's actions, but you need to be able to deal, leverage and manage it for instances” said Turner