The growth in mobile authentication will see the death of the hardware token according to one vendor.

Following news from Goode Intelligence that the mobile authentication market is predicted to grow significantly over the next five years, but with major vendors losing ground to authentication specialists, one vendor has claimed that nearly half of UK organisations have plans to authenticate their staff via SMS by 2011.

Andy Kemshall, co-founder at SecurEnvoy, claimed that the trend will mean the death of the hardware token.

Kemshall said: “Everything is going mobile these days and this will only continue in the coming years. With 40 per cent of organisations turning to mobile authentication by 2011, as predicted by Goode Intelligence, I believe the separate hardware token alternative will begin to drop off the radar.

“This technology was invented around the same time as VHS tapes, while SMS based tokenless technology emerged at a similar time to Blu-Ray. The development of VHS to Blu-Ray is simply technological evolution. In the same way, change from token to tokenless technology is inevitable.”

Kemshall claimed that as most people have a mobile phone already, there are no addition costs to authentication over the mobile network and phones are a much greener alternative.

“There is also the burden of carrying hardware tokens. Staff rarely forget their mobile, but all too often tokens are misplaced or malfunction and have to be re-ordered, costing time and money,” he said.