It is not my intention to make Security Cats a place to discuss areas of a sporting nature, despite this being my second football-related post in a week.

Despite this I have decided to pay some sympathy towards the people of the city of Coventry. Let's be honest the last century has not been kind to them, their city was devastated the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, even the phrase 'being sent to Coventry' has become common in terms of being ostracised.

The football angle relates to Coventry City's decline in fortunes since their FA Cup win in 1987 against Tottenham Hotspur, to them now languishing in the Championship for too many years. As if these instances were not damaging enough, a survey this week by Symantec Hosted Services found that the fair city of Coventry was the most spammed city in the UK.

Based on data compiled over a ten-month period, the research identified Coventry to have the highest spam rate with 92.8 per cent, ahead of Dudley (92.1 per cent), Wigan (91.3 per cent) and Blackburn (91.2 per cent).

Paul Wood, MessageLabs intelligence senior analyst at Symantec Hosted Services, pointed to the fact that no city or its resident are free from attack, and claimed industries such as manufacturing, automotive and building and construction, which may employ many people, receive less spam.

However I say we should salute the people of Coventry, Lady Godiva may be long gone and the 20th century has treated you badly, but stand proud and strong and do not let the cyber criminals diminish your spirit. If it does, put Oggy back in goal and have Kilcline defeat them in an arm wrestling contest, that'll show 'em!