Marischal College, Aberdeen, Scotland
Marischal College, Aberdeen, Scotland

A group going by the name of Team System DZ hacked into the website of Aberdeen City Council on Saturday evening for two-and-a-half hours.

From 19:20 to 22:00, the homepage carried the message “security stupidity,” alongside other Team System DZ branding.  

The local authority said: “The website is currently back online and we would like to assure residents that no personal data is held on the Aberdeen City Council website.”

It added that there will be a full investigation into how the incident happened.

Niall MacLeod, EMEA enterprise solutions architect at Anomali said: “Algerian-based Team System DZ, has ramped up activity significantly over the last month. While there is no obvious target pattern, it is clear they are finding vulnerable sites to infiltrate and deface. It is most likely that Aberdeen City Council's website runs on Windows 2012 and probably missed a system patch.”