Damage caused by the downadup worm can be undone with the use of software with the ability to rollback to a point in time before the virus struck.


Kevin Moreau, general manager of Acronis UK & Ireland, claimed that a simple piece of software or the use of a safe hard drive partition, from which to re-boot in the event of a malware attack, can ease the problems associated with this and other attacks.


Moreau said: “Many presume that their chosen security vendor will protect them, but by the time the company has provided a patch for a security breach, it is often too late. The fastest and most secure way to solve a zero-day attack is to simply travel back in time to a healthy state. As such, we strongly advise companies to consider how they backup and recover their systems in tandem with their security policies.


“Having the ability to rollback to an uninfected state guarantees security, even when systems fail against threats such as the downadup worm. Plus, if you already have a backup and recovery system in place, this form of protection is essentially free, something to consider in IT budget crunch times.”