Dutch bank ABN Amro has paid compensation to four of its customers following a phishing attack that stole money from their accounts.

The phishers sent an email to the bank’s clients along with a malicious attachment, which once opened installed malware on to the user’s computer, according to reports.

The malicious software modified the customer’s browser settings and directed them to a spoofed website whenever they tried to access their accounts online. 

Once installed, the hackers used the spyware to collate banking login details and passwords, which they then used on the legitimate banking website to access the accounts and steal the money.

The bank did not disclose how much money the hackers took, but temporarily suspended the online urgent transfer functionality to prevent further fraudulent transactions.

“We are taking this incident very seriously and, in addition to informing our clients, are also implementing all of the technical measures that are at our disposal to stop criminals in their tracks,” said Johan van Hall, member of the management team of ABN AMRO Netherlands. 

“Safe usage of home and office computers is an essential requirement for secure online banking, and we plan to remind our clients even more frequently and urgently than before of that fact. In addition to being fast and convenient, online banking is also extremely safe, provided users take the right precautions,” he added.