Absolute Software has added a new feature to its Computrace product that enables IT administrators to remotely freeze the screen of a device.

The Device Freeze feature makes the computer largely unusable until unfrozen by an authorised administrator. It is now available for PCs running a supported Windows OS with Computrace products that include the Data & Device Security feature category.

When Device Freeze is activated, a persistent full-screen message is displayed to the end-user, preventing normal use of the device. The IT administrator can customise the message to communicate why the screen is frozen and to identify what is required by the end-user in order to unfreeze it. Once the end-user carries out the desired behaviour, the IT administrator can remotely unfreeze the screen, enabling normal use of the device.

 John Livingston, chief executive officer and chairman of Absolute Software, said: “Our customers now have one more benefit from using Computrace to manage their computer population. Device Freeze can help IT improve efficiencies by reducing time spent on help desk cases.

“Not only can Absolute customers use Computrace to know where their computers are located and what's on them, they can use Device Freeze and its messaging capabilities to help ensure that computers are returned to IT in a timely manner.”