Absolute Software has announced the launch of Absolute Manage, the re-branded version of the company's recently acquired cross-platform IT asset management solution.

The new solution, formerly LANrev, complements the Computrace family of data security, tracking and theft recovery solutions with full-featured computer lifecycle management capabilities. According to the company, it provides organisations with an easy and automated way to manage PC and Mac computers, as well as iPhone devices, from a single interface.

It said that IT administrators using Absolute Manage can efficiently manage all their assets by automating time-consuming IT processes such as software distribution, patch management, asset inventory and imaging.

Additionally, it helps track installed applications and licences, redeploy under-used licences and hardware to maximise inventory and avoid non-compliance fines.

Peter Frankl, vice president of asset management sales at Absolute Software, said: “The time it takes for an IT administrator to physically perform maintenance on a device represents resources that could be used elsewhere. The more you can automate computer maintenance processes, and in a platform-agnostic way, means you can free up resources for more strategic tasks and initiatives in your organisation.”