Absolute Software warns on laptop thefts from airports

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The use of laptops in airports has led to warnings being issued about their physical security.

The use of laptops in airports had led to warnings being issued about their physical security.

Absolute Software has told stories of two American tourists who had their laptops stolen at different UK airports this summer, with both recovered due to running the LoJack for Laptops software.

Calvin Ota was flying into Manchester from Chicago and left his laptop in the seatback pocket on the plane. The laptop was later recovered using Absolute's proprietary theft recovery tools at the home of an airline employee, who was then arrested and cautioned. Meanwhile, Jess Cenica's laptop was stolen while he and his wife were returning home to California via Heathrow after a holiday. Fortunately it was later recovered by police and the Absolute Theft Recovery Team at an address in London, with no internal or external damage.

Following these incidents, Absolute Software is warning travellers using airports and other transport hubs to take extra care of valuable possessions when in transit. Speaking to SC Magazine, Dave Everitt, general manager of EMEA for Absolute Software, said: “Just a few easy steps can significantly improve personal security. Thinking you're safe just because you're using encrypted files or a laptop lock is just naïve. It's vital that laptop owners are aware of the risks while travelling and protect themselves adequately.

“I think that people assume that now they can operate wherever they are, they are safe. Some people do banking on their phone now, and do that on location too. This is a modern world now and when you have got screaming children the last thing your attention is on is where your bag is, and that is when it goes missing.

“It is becoming more and more of a problem with laptops being used outside of the business environment. The IT department has a problem as they have no idea where the laptop is as it is rarely on the corporate network and occasionally it appears on the VPN, but they have no idea on its anti-virus, firewall or whether its encryption is active.”


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