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Accellion Secure File Transfer 8



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£130 per user per year

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Strengths: Hardened virtual appliance is very easy to deploy. Support for large file transfers

Weaknesses: HTTPS and email are the only transfer options out of the box

Verdict: Overall a solid product that offers a very focused secure file transfer option that can scale to support most environments. Recommended

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Accellion Secure File Transfer 8 is a web-based solution packaged as a software appliance and helps to secure end-to-end file transfers. It is also available as a VMware image or through a hosted model. 

The appliance secures file transfers by controlling email attachments through a SMTP relay, as well as providing HTTPS access to the web server for file retrieval. The underlying storage of the server is also encrypted.

We were able to install and configure the virtual appliance within just a few minutes and using it is very easy and straightforward.

The virtual appliance can be managed from a web browser. Typical operational tasks have to be configured including users, permissions, authentication, SMTP and other settings. It provides a centralised mechanism for securing file transfers using HTTPS or by an agent that works within Microsoft Outlook to secure file attachments as they are sent to single users or groups of users.

Accellion Secure File Transfer contains the ability to customise the look and feel of the web server, as well as granular operational items such as logging, reporting and LDAP integration. It even helps to ensure the integrity of files through an anti-virus mechanism on the virtual appliance. A dashboard view allows you to view how many files have been sent and the equivalent CO2 emissions you have saved by transferring them electronically and not using regular snail mail.

All in all we were impressed with the ease of use and the features included with the appliance, as well as some of the localisation options. Be sure to check with the vendor, as the pricing model per user is reduced for volume pricing.

Product documentation is available as separate PDF downloads, which are also linked directly from the appliance. The information is very detailed and helpful.

Both 8/5 and 24/7 phone and email support options are available through Accellion. Its website has a customer portal for online ticket submission, a knowledgebase and a FAQs section.

The cost of Accellion Secure File Transfer 8 is based solely on the users and there is no cost involved for the virtual appliance. It can scale to support most environments and we rate it Recommended.

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