Enhancements have been announced to e-DMZ Security's Total Privileged Access Management (TPAM) suite to help achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

The changes to PCI version 2.0 provide ‘clarity and flexibility to facilitate improved understanding of the requirements'. E-DMZ Security said that its TPAM has continued to advance with new features, functions and capabilities set to align with meeting the access control, authorisation and audit requirements demanded under PCI DSS v2.0.

New areas include role and policy-based access, as TPAM supports configurable access policies that can overlay a separation of duties, role and access required to meet PCI DSS for internal users, external users, remote vendors and host/service providers.

It also includes: resource access controls to the command level with full session monitoring, recording and review features; authentication and authorisation to support configurable options to require dual or more authorisation, in addition to strong authentication; and audit controls with an ability to control, monitor and record sessions by recording every keystroke, mouse movement, application and data access.

Martin Ryan, vice president worldwide sales and marketing at e-DMZ Security, said: “While the recent release of the PCI DSS version 2.0 does not introduce any new major requirements, as stated by PCI SSC, its intent is to clarify the meaning of the requirements and make understanding and adoption easier.

“To that point our TPAM suite is designed to provide organisations with the flexibility to quickly understand and address the critical challenges associated with PCI DSS compliance in a modular fashion through the use of an easily integrated appliance.”