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Show me the security - the benefits of IAM (identity and access management)

The essence of IAM (identity and access management) is ensuring that the right people, have the right access, to the right resources, in the right ways, and that you can prove all those "rights" to the people that need to know.

P455W0rDS: How secure is yours and is it time to retire it?

Relying on usernames and passwords to authenticate user identity is irresponsible. If one of your tweaked passwords is lost or stolen, you should throw all versions of it away as hackers know that people tweak passwords.

LinkedIn access down across much of the globe, encryption down for others

Yesterday large parts of the world were without their LinkedIn accounts due to an SSL certificate expiry and those that were able to login were browsing without encryption, meaning all of their data was potentially at risk.

Flaw in macOS High Sierra allows easy access

A root access flaw in Apple's macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 makes it possible for anyone to log into the system by typing "root" into the name field.

Writing authorisation policies to secure big data

Enforcing authorisation directly at the data level can be incredibly powerful as it could mean minimal or no changes to the applications that are accessing the data itself says Jonas Iggbom.

Rémy Cointreau Case Study - connecting a global workforce to the cloud

Rémy Cointreau faced a challenge to create a more agile organisation through its IT infrastructure, providing employees with the ability to securely access applications from any device at any time and from anywhere.

Bug in anti-malware defenses mistakenly blocks users' Google Docs files

Google issued a public apology on Thursday after a bug mistakenly caused its defences against malware, phishing, and spam to block some users' access to Google Docs files on 31 October.

'Killing the password' is 'killing democracy'. Don't let it happen.

A society where login without users' volition is allowed would be a society where democracy is dead says Hitoshi Kokumai

The threat of privileged user access - monitoring and controlling privilege users

Marcell Gogan discusses the threat of privileged user access and how it often goes largely ignored

Singapore to shut off internet access for government agencies

The government of Singapore is to shut off access to the internet of government agencies in an effort to preempt a cyber-attack or a data breach.

Security researchers defeat reCAPTCHA

Automated attack breaks access system used by Google and Facebook

Data reveals average company has 9.9M accessible files to any employee

In 2015, the average company had roughly 9.9 million files accessible to every employee regardless of their roles.

Why password sharing has become a common working practice

François Amigorena explains how and why password sharing has become popular in business today

Passwords aren't going anywhere any time soon

Take human memory out of the equation and passwords remain a viable access option says Emmanuel Schalit.

Summer interns a vulnerability

Unused accounts left by interns who have left to begin the new academic year pose a common security risk which could lead to data breaches according to security company Courion.

SharePoint users break own security rules

Privilege controls can work, but cannot cater for all eventualities, says Quocirca analyst Rob Bamforth.

ID verification simplifies cloud access

Philip Turner, the newly appointed GM for European Operations at US-based identity management specialists Okta, told SC Magazine that opening of its central London office is spearheading international expansion, with the company expected to open offices in the main European centres over the coming year.

Virtual access technologies launched by NetIQ

NetIQ has launched two virtual solutions to offer secure access to social media applications.