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Is opting out of social media viable to cut security vulnerabilities?

UK pub major JD Wetherspoon has decided its bars are social enough without needing online social media, shutting its social media accounts, stating that they do not work, plus usage of social media entailed misuse of personal data.

JLaw nudes hacker pleads guilty to breaking into nearly 240 iCloud accounts

A man from Connecticut, USA, admitted to hacking into the iCloud accounts of prominent female celebrities including "Red Sparrow" actress Jennifer Lawrence and more than 200 others.

Nearly 1/3 of tech workers will delete Facebook accounts amid scandal, study

Amid the recent Facebook scandal, a new study found 31 percent of tech workers said they will delete their accounts on the popular social media platform.

Apple's China-based iCloud data centre raises privacy, human rights fears

Human rights activists are concerned that the Chinese government's regulation requiring that Apple host its citizen's iCloud accounts on servers in China could make it easier for that nation to track down dissenters.

Chase 'glitch' grants customers access to random accounts

Multiple Chase Bank customer accounts in the US were exposed after what was described as a "glitch" granted customers looking to log into their own accounts access to the accounts of random customers instead.

Private chats and user accounts could be exposed by Tinder security bug

An easy-to-exploit bug has left Tinder accounts and private chats exposed to hackers, revealed a researcher this week.

Tesco Bank accounts frozen as cash taken from 20,000

A cyber-attack over the weekend has stolen large sums of cash from tens of thousands of Tesco Bank Online customers, leading the bank to freeze customer accounts

Pippa Middleton's iCloud account hacked

A man who allegedly hacked into the iCloud account of Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, has been arrested.

Minecraft account dump: 71,000 accounts leaked

Tens of thousands of account details have been dumped from a Minecraft fan site, according to Australian researcher Troy Hunt