Accountancy firm Morris Owen is now using the Egress Switch technology to protect and control information shared between the firm and its clients.

The Swindon-based firm of Chartered Accountants became increasingly concerned with the risks associated with sharing sensitive data, and following a review to ensure that appropriate measures were in place to safeguard the security of information, the Egress software was selected.

Egress Switch offers protection of outbound data regardless of file size or transport mechanism. According to the company, using AES 256-bit encryption, Switch secures confidential information sent by email, copied to USB removable media, burnt to CD/DVD or uploaded to FTP sites or cloud servers.

Access privileges can then be modified or revoked in real-time, even after the information is sent or shared. This allows users to instantly ‘pull information back' should there be evidence that data has been lost or mishandled.

Partner at Morris Owen, Ian Sumbler, said: “We have always taken data security very seriously at Morris Owen. Using Switch, we can fulfil our commitment to providing leading financial services and now offer secure collaboration services completely free of charge when communicating with us.

“Since the firm has implemented Egress Switch we are confident that information we distribute externally meets UK legal requirements and mitigates the risk of data loss. Switch integrates seamlessly with our daily workflow, making it easy to use, while offering the level of assurance we need when processing client data. Best of all, our clients now benefit in return, enabling them to protect and audit confidential information, as it's all part of the service.”