Acronis has launched the latest version of its backup and recovery platform to combine data deduplication, support for virtual environments and centralised management.

Backup and recovery 10, the next generation of the Acronis True Image solution, offers the data deduplication technology that can cut storage requirements by up to 90 per cent by eliminating backup copies of redundant data. Until now it has been reserved for larger organisations due to its high cost.

Acronis claimed that it is capable of backing up and restoring any Microsoft or Linux-based servers or workstations to their full operating state prior to any failure. This comprises the entire hard disk including operating system, or individual applications, updates, settings and data.

It offers personnel and time savings with a centralised, policy-based management for distributed IT systems and infrastructures. According to Acronis, the solution has the ability to scale to thousands of machines, enabling an IT administrator to design and execute a backup strategy around the globe and match the growth of a business.

Jason Donahue, Acronis president and CEO, said: “Acronis is rebranding the entire product line to reinforce that Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 delivers significantly more capability than our already successful Acronis True Image family. At the same time, Acronis remains the industry's easiest-to-use backup and recovery application.”