The Information Security Forum (ISF) has signed an intellectual property (IP) licensing agreement with Acuity Risk Management.


The agreement will see the ISF Standard of Good Practice for Information Security integrated into Acuity's STREAM risk and compliance management software. Any STREAM user will be able to view, control and manage their compliance in real-time against the standard, as well as against other international standards such as ISO 27002 and Cobit.


The standard provides key objectives and a clear overview of practical measures and activities that are needed to keep information risks under control across key sections, such as security management, critical business applications, computer installations, networks and systems development to the end user environment.


Simon Marvell, managing director of Acuity, said: “For the first time, CISOs will have access to the ISF's information security standard delivered through a tool they can use every day and in real-time to see their enterprise's risk and compliance position. This is the start of an exceptionally important relationship for Acuity and we are excited about working with the Information Security Forum and its member organisations.”


Prof. Howard Schmidt, president and CEO of the ISF, said: “The agreement with Acuity marks a significant move to make ISF intellectual property more readily available. We believe that integrating ISF IP into industry leading products such as Acuity's STREAM will provide a range of important benefits to both ISF members and non-members and increase adoption of the ISF Standard of Good Practice.”