AdaptiveMobile has announced enhancements to its Network Protection Platform+ with improved spam and rogue application protection.

According to the company, version 4.1 includes the ability to automatically update security signatures from the AdaptiveMobile Security Centre, allowing operators to protect subscribers rather than relying on them to report problems.

It said the new version collects information from a variety of NPP installations, including network honeypots, suspicious sources and customer data, which is analysed in real time and released as updated mobile security signatures that are automatically distributed to operators.

Gareth Maclachlan, chief operating officer of AdaptiveMobile, said: “It is important that operators offer a comprehensive protection service to their customers if they are to maintain confidence and avoid dissatisfaction and fraud. Whilst subscriber reporting is an effective method of highlighting some spam incidents, it needs to be complemented with a more centralised approach, particularly for the more persistent and damaging threats.

“SMS is still a valuable revenue stream for all operators today. However, fraudulent activity, spam and rogue applications can erode trust in SMS as a legitimate marketing and payment mechanism, which in turn can affect operator revenues.

“Release 4.1 is aimed at addressing this problem and helping to filter out these threats before they reach the consumer handset. We are also championing the sharing of these signatures across the operator ecosystem so that all mobile telecommunications providers can benefit from the most up-to-date security information, maintaining trust in mobile.”