IT managers have been warned to not wait until after the Easter Weekend to apply the latest Internet Explorer patch.

Jason Miller, security and data team manager at Shavlik Technologies, commented that after the out-of-band patch was released on Tuesday evening to cover seven critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 6, five in Internet Explorer 7 and two in Internet Explorer 8, the action should be taken before the holiday.

Miller said: “With any zero-day exploit that is being actively targeted, it is critical for administrators to patch their systems as soon as possible. Some patch maintenance cycles are scheduled over weekends to accommodate the known downtime.

“While many are planning for a long holiday weekend, administrators should not wait to patch the latest bulletin for Internet Explorer until next week as we know that hackers won't be taking the weekend off.”

He also commented that as the bulletin is being released two weeks ahead of its planned inclusion on Patch Tuesday (set for 13th April), it is important to note the bulletin contains a total of ten vulnerability fixes.  The other nine vulnerabilities addressed are not publicly known at this time.

“If administrators used any of the workarounds suggested in the security advisory (KB981374) that prompted this out-of-band release, it is important for them to un-apply the workarounds.  This will restore functionality that was lost due to the temporary fix,” said Miller.