Adobe has announced the launch of the Acrobat X family of software to allow ‘easier creation, review and sharing of documents'.

Consisting of the Acrobat X, Reader X, the Acrobat X Suite and new document exchange services at, Adobe said that they ‘empower professionals to innovate and create higher quality content, driving tighter collaboration and productivity across teams in today's dynamic business environments'.

According to Adobe, the features include new actions to simplify multi-step document preparation and publishing processes and completely new customisation capabilities in PDF Portfolios to unify multiple file types into a compelling presentation.

New document services at give users the ability to collaborate more efficiently, while integration with Microsoft SharePoint enables consistency of PDF documents across the enterprise and re-use of content is now easier with higher quality export to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Kevin M. Lynch, vice president and general manager of the Acrobat digital enterprise solutions group at Adobe, said: “Today, more than ever, people need to communicate and collaborate reliably and professionally with people outside their organisation. Acrobat X is a response to this dynamic – to drive more fluid collaboration and to create richer experiences in today's fast-paced, complex business environments.”