Adobe is to release updates for critical flaws in its Reader and Acrobat products for both Windows and Macintosh.

In a security bulletin posted last week, it said that it will patch Adobe Reader 9.3 for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX, Adobe Acrobat 9.3 for Windows and Macintosh and Adobe Reader 8.2 and Acrobat 8.2 for Windows and Macintosh.

These will resolve several critical security issues, including the issue in Flash Player version and earlier that could subvert the domain sandbox and make unauthorised cross-domain requests.

Adobe expects to make these updates available tomorrow, 16th February. This marks the third patch release by Adobe in 2010, after it patched a critical vulnerability in Shockwave player in January and patched a vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat, along with the introduction of the Auto Updater.