Advanced Persistent Threat News, Articles and Updates

New hacker groups emerging in Asia and in the Middle East, finds Kaspersky

Security researchers observed a noticeable spurt in the activities of advanced persistent threat (APT) groups based in certain parts of Asia and in the Middle East during the first three months of the year.

Social media and engineering used to spread Tempted Cedar Spyware

Cyber-criminals are using social media and social engineering to dupe victims into downloading Advance Persistent Threat spyware disguised as the Kik messenger app.

Carbanak set to double down on $1 billion heist

Proofpoint has found what it believes to be the event horizon of the huge attack campaign by the Russian APT group, Carbanak.

'Suckfly' in the ointment: Chinese APT group steals code-signing certificates

An APT group based in China, code-named Suckfly, has been concealing its nefarious activity over the past two years by stealing code-signing certificates and applying them to malware and hack tools to make them look legitimate.