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SC Media UK offers a unique combination of services for the IT Security Community, including breaking news online, live and virtual events and webcasts, live conferences and congresses around the world, the annual SC Awards Show and much more. 

IT security professionals entrusted with protecting their company’s data have relied on SC Media UK for the latest news, in-depth industry analysis, and extensive product reviews. Buyers of IT security products and services depend on SC Media UK because it is the most comprehensive source of information focusing specifically on IT security in the UK.

SC Media UK continues to invest and diversify its communication vehicles and relationship with the IT security community via its daily website, online events, face-to-face conferences, and custom content.

Digital Media Advertising Opportunities

SC Media UK offers a variety of digital media advertising opportunities for technology and information security companies to effectively market their products and services to IT industry leaders around the world. Through banner advertisements, webcasts, announcements, newsletters, marketing tools like eBooks and White Papers and digital advertisements on our website, you can effectively reach your target audience.

Banner Advertising

  • IT security buyers visit because it is the most comprehensive UK site focusing specifically on IT security. IT security pros frequently visit the site for the latest news, the most complete archive of objective product reviews and the most trusted analysis of industry issues. By advertising on, you can be sure you will be reaching interested buyers through the site they seek and trust implicitly. All of the banner advertising campaigns appearing on are dynamically delivered run-of-site (ROS).
  • also offers prestitial (welcome ad) units. This special unit has been effectively employed by our current advertisers in order to provide specific emphasis to high profile campaigns. The ad populates for 15 seconds before users reach the actual website. This is perfect for companies wishing to gain high impact on their messaging with the campaign.

High Impact Advertisements

These ads are a unique way to grab a user’s attention. SC Media UK offers multiple online digital ad spaces on our website such as expandable digital advertisements, prestitial advertisements, page peel advertisements, pushdown advertisements, pre-roll video advertisements and more. These different digital options are functional as well as highly visible and are sure to make an impression with our dedicated audience.


  • SC Media UK’s longest established email newsletter SC Media Newswire is distributed daily.
  • This newsletter reaches the inboxes of 11,000+ IT security professionals each day, enabling sponsors to cost-effectively promote their marketing message. Sponsorship of SC Media Newswire is ideal for corporate, product and event-related advertising.


Via an exclusive e-mail blast, advertisers can reach out to buyers without waiting for them to find you. SC Media UK’s featured SC Announcements allows companies to promote their products and services to 7,750+ qualified IT security buyers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to generate interest in your products by pairing the offer with the SC Media UK brand. Use this email to promote free trials, special offers, free downloads and new releases.

The Editorial Roundtable Series

SC Media UK is pleased to announce an exclusive, ongoing initiative, The SC Media UK Editorial Roundtable Series, at our central London offices.

This latest thought leadership series is an ideal forum for CISOs, CTOs and other senior industry leaders to network with peers, earn CPE credits and discuss and analyse the latest insights in information security with SC Media UK in our executive boardroom. The Roundtables will feature a networking breakfast or lunch, followed by an invitation-only, closed-door discussion.

Our Roundtable topics include Privacy, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), Mobile Security, Cyber-Security and more.

Attendance at each Roundtable will be limited to 15 CISO, CTO and other senior industry leaders and will be by invitation only.


SC Congress London

SC Congress London is the latest installment in our SC Congress portfolio. In its second year, SC Congress has generated enough recognition to attract cyber-security professionals from an ever-widening circle in the UK.

This year’s conference was hugely successful. In just one day, SC Congress London featured a full agenda: keynote addresses, panel sessions, CPE accreditation, countless networking opportunities and meaningful dialogues with representatives of some of the premier brands in information security today. Because SC Congress is dedicated to convening the largest cross section of cyber-security executives in the UK, SC Congress London is based on a complimentary basis to qualified IT sec pros.

SC Awards Europe - Europe's #1 Information Security Awards Programme

Each year, the SC Awards Europe programme benchmarks the achievements of the cyber-security industry and acknowledges its best products, services and people. Sponsoring the awards is the most effective vehicle to ensure your message is seen by information security professionals. A sponsorship provides exposure for your company in SC Media UK, on our website,, and through direct messaging to SC Media’s far-reaching targeted database of information security professionals – from technical experts to security executives.


SC Media UK is an industry leader in the hosting of virtual webcasts. Webcasts provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors and attendees to meet one-on-one without having to leave the office. Visitors to the virtual trade show can chat with vendor representatives via IM, download product information and listen to vendor webinars. Sponsorship can include a vendor-led webcast and attendee lists. Our ongoing roster of online events are specifically designed to keep our readers on the ball and “in-the-know” and meeting all the people they need to know.

Lead Generation

SC Media UK can leverage your content – such as whitepapers, analyst reports and on-demand webcasts – and create a highly effective lead generation campaign. SC Media UK will promote these assets through various means (e.g., email, telepromotion, and on  SCMagazineUK .com) to a targeted segment of the SC Media UK customers. In the end, you receive just the number of highly qualified leads that you need to achieve your own sales goals!


Digital eBook sponsorship is a convenient and effective way for your company to combine its marketing message with relevant editorial content, generating targeted leads in the process. After nearly 20 years of providing editorial insight and analysis that IT security professionals trust, SC Media UK is well placed to provide high quality eBook content. SC Media UK digital eBooks are completely vendor-agnostic and the content is gated on  SCMagazineUK .com requiring registration to access. Each eBook contains a minimum of six pages of new editorial content and may also include additional and relevant material previously published by SC Media UK .

TECHSCAPE Custom Content Programme

TECHSCAPE provides advertisers with a unique digital marketing opportunity to develop sponsored custom content, including articles and posts, which SC Media UK will optimise digitally for enhanced audience engagement.


  • Advertisers will have the opportunity to amplify thought leadership alongside your brand messaging – on specific cyber-security issues of your choice – to your target audience of cyber-security business decision-makers and professionals, delivered exclusively through SC Media UK.
  • This digital initiative will complement your current brand messaging in a custom and unique way that will define it within the marketplace.
  • TECHSCAPE will leverage the halo effect of SC Media UK as a leading authority on the latest analyses and solutions mitigating risk and safeguarding intellectual property.
  • Industry data indicates that custom content programmes enjoy higher levels of engagement and interaction. Like any advertising solution offered by SC Media UK, the TECHSCAPE initiative will deliver a significant ROI for your advertising investment.

How does TECHSCAPE work?

  • The editorial team and sales team at SC Media UK will work with advertisers to create a custom marketing programme that will run alongside your standard brand advertising programme.
  • Our teams will consult with you to ensure that your objectives are met and your content reaches your target audience.
  • Your custom content will be showcased as  TECHSCAPE , Powered by [Your Brand].

What platforms will TECHSCAPE operate on?

  • The program will launch on our digital platform and can be extended to others as your custom programme requires.

What does TECHSCAPE mean for your brand?

  • TECHSCAPE  aligns your brand with the latest thought leadership on a topic critical to your business and your marketing needs to create a complete and defined brand initiative.
  • This customised digital marketing initiative will result in more exposure and further brand development.

What’s the investment level for TECHSCAPE?

  • Because this is a custom programme, SC Media UK will work with you to devise the best possible return on your ad spend for the best price.

Licensing and Reprints

There are many different licensing options which include hard copy reprints, electronic marketing and web licences, marketing collateral licences, trade show packages and more, all of which are designed to further help vendors reach their target audiences.

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