AEP Networks has launched the new version of a security system that controls who is able to access what data from what device.

AEP Networks said that its Series A Version 7 enables organisations to provide their employees with complete freedom to use their own devices and printing facilities, whilst upholding a high security status.

It said that by using fingerprinting technology, each device and employee can be checked for full compliance with security protocols during connection requests, meaning organisations no longer need to pre-approve tens of thousands of devices. Any device or employee falling outside of the organisations' security levels will be enabled to work in a quarantined environment.

It can now be scaled to support up to 10,000 concurrent users with data held in company applications remotely accessed via a browser over a virtual private network (VPN).

New features of version 7 include access level management, user quarantine and availability as a virtual appliance.

Mark Darvill, director at AEP Networks, said: “Organisations no longer need to shut the door to employees looking to use their own devices to access corporate data.

“It isn't the act of a consumer device connecting to a corporate network that presents a risk; it is the act of an unauthorised device touching the corporate environment. With the right security controls, employees can benefit from the freedom to choose their own devices and businesses can benefit from improved employee productivity and flexibility.”