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Malian entrepreneurs develop public safety solutions in hackathon

The MotoSecure Hackathon Day, organised by Motorola Solutions and Impact Hub Bamako in Mali's capital city has helped develop several innovative civil protection initiatives.

Kenya set to pass cyber-crime bill as east Africa seeks legal harmony

Amid calls for regional harmonisation of cyber-crime laws, the government of Kenya is proceeding with the passage of a bill to address the growing problem of cyber-crime.

Africa deploying offence-in-depth to fight BEC email fraud attacks

Offence-in-depth approach likely to fight cyber-criminals exploiting the BEC/BES amid increasing attacks from west Africa, says research.

West-African cyber-crime more than doubled, says Trend Micro

According to Trend Micro, incidents of cyber-crime have more than doubled on the continent, and investigators often experience 'road blocks' when bringing criminals to justice.

Uganda and Malawi sign pact to fight cybercrime and build capabilities

Uganda signed a memorandum of Understanding with the government of Malawi aimed at increasing collaboration to fight cybercrime.

Deloitte Nigeria: expect more ransomware and cloud attacks in 2017

The cyber-security threat landscape in Africa is littered with the same vulnerabilities and threats as faced in Europe, but the regulatory and services infrastructure is lagging behind.

Africa's cyber-crime expenditure to reach $3.6bn by 2020, says report

A complex regulatory and cyber-crime environment is driving African organisations to ramp up their spending on cyber-security, according to a report.

East African banks wary of Zero days

East African banks are on high alert as experts bring news of zero day attacks on the continent's banks.

Joint Police cyber-sec lab for East Africa

East Africa Governments to construct a Joint Police Cyber Security lab to combat cyber-crime in the region.

Kenya opens centre to combat cyber-crime

The African continent has seen an upsurge in cyber-attacks, particularly on telecommunications infrastructure and especially via DDoS, leading Kenya to set up a new Cyber Coordination Centre.