Air-gap News, Articles and Updates

Attackers can pull data from air-gapped networks' surveillance cameras

Researchers have demonstrated a way for remote attackers to exfiltrate data from and send malicious commands to air-gapped networks, using infrared surveillance cameras.

BlueBorne shows Bluetooth protocol's security inadequately researched

Bluetooth technology is overlooked by security experts and bug hunters in comparison to other protocols. The highly eclectic and fragmented nature of devices relying on Bluetooth means that some may never issue secure updates.

How the air-gap got its groove back thanks to browser isolation

Air-gap cyber-security has gotten a bad reputation over the last decade, but new browser isolation models are helping the air- gap get its groove back, says Guise Bule.

Network routers could leak data from LED lights, say Israeli researchers

Israeli scientists have demonstrated a method to steal data from common routers through blinking lights, but no known malware currently uses this vulnerability.

Singapore to shut off internet access for government agencies

The government of Singapore is to shut off access to the internet of government agencies in an effort to preempt a cyber-attack or a data breach.