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AirMagnet Enterprise 7.5



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£5,077 (includes all AirMagnet software and four sensors)

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Strengths: A very feature-rich product with a great dashboard that can give data about the wireless environment at a glance

Weaknesses: The documentation was good but not great and a more precise quick-start guide could make life easier

Verdict: A very solid wireless security management application

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The AirMagnet Enterprise application is a software-based offering that runs on the Win32 platforms. It also uses hardware in the form of sensors that can be deployed at strategic points around the enterprise to identify and block rogue access points, rogue clients or active wireless attacks. The application has many options to choose from for administration.

In this review we worked primarily through the web-based interface, which was started on the management machine during the installation process. The other administration application we used extensively was the enterprise console. The console was a well put-together management, reporting, logging and current status application. We tested no other product in this review that provided such easy access to such a large amount of information.

The AirMagnet Enterprise application comes with several general-purpose policies and several industry-specific policies. The policies are used to define alerts and configuration of wireless access points.

The installation of AirMagnet Enterprise was very simple. The application needs a database for storing information and SQL is included with the installation process. For the purpose of the review, we used an Access database, but both SQL and Oracle databases are supported. Once the primary installation was complete, we ran into the only tricky parts of the installation. In order to install the enterprise console, you needed to select the AirMagnet Enterprise Server Web Page icon and from this interface select the installation of the enterprise console.

The documentation for AirMagnet Enterprise came in the form of PDF files that were well laid out, indexed and searchable. While the documentation included a quick-start guide, it was rather lengthy and was not as useful as most quick-start guides.

AirMagnet includes support for the first year after purchase in the purchase price. Additional years of support are available via email and phone. AirMagnet provides free access to its knowledge base.

The application is in the middle of the price range for products tested, but the price includes one year of support and four sensors.

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