Airwide Solutions has partnered with Sentry Wireless to expand its mobile security offerings for wireless operators.

The partnership will see Sentry join Airwide's solution partner program, while Airwide will integrate Sentry Wireless' SpamGuard mobile security product into its AirGuard anti-spam suite.

It claimed that this will provide mobile operators with an end-to-end, network-to-handset solution for guarding against spam, viruses, spoof, malware, fraud and phishing.

Jay Seaton, CMO of Airwide Solutions, said: “The opportunity for application-based services is enormous, but it also brings risk; opening up the network to new applications and content also inevitably invites fraudulent and malicious attacks.

“With the potential to significantly slow the uptake of emerging services like mobile finance or mobile marketing, Airwide realises the urgency with which these security threats must be addressed.”

Graham Herbert, vice president of sales at Sentry Wireless, said: “It is clear that mobile spam is rapidly increasing and is a major problem for mobile operators. SpamGuard uses Sentry Wireless' award-winning and patented technology to enable subscribers to identify and block spam in ‘one click' using a client on the SIM or handset.

“We are delighted to be working with Airwide Solutions and believe that SpamGuard provides a perfect complement to their comprehensive security offering.”