Akamai Technologies has expanded its cloud-based suite of security capabilities with the introduction of its web application firewall managed service.

The video, dynamic transactions and online enterprise application provider has implemented the service on its Akamai's EdgePlatform distributed computing system. It claimed that the service provides a scalable edge defence system for blocking web application attacks in the cloud.

The service is based on the open source ModSecurity core rule set supported by Breach Security and is designed to protect against the most common and harmful types of attacks and exploitation techniques such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other open web application security project attacks.

Andy Ellis, chief security architect at Akamai, said: “Attacks vary in degree from small and devious, to large and brute-force; and Akamai's web application firewall is the right architecture to address both. We've defended customers from application layer attacks on the magnitude of over 100Gbps, demonstrating that massive distribution at the edge is critical as malicious activity grows in size and complexity.”

Tom Leighton, co-founder and chief scientist at Akamai, said: “Cloud-based security offers an innovative approach to helping organisations overcome the limitations of traditional perimeter solutions by adding a globally-distributed layer to their defences. We believe our service is also essential for cloud computing, as infrastructure is shared across multiple customers.”