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Interview: Understanding zero trust models - Akamai's preferred approach

Patrick Sullivan, director, security technology and strategy at Akamai Technologies explains the concept of Zero Trust perimeters and cloud perimeters in an interview with SC Media UK's editor-in-chief, Tony Morbin.

Web App attacks up 69%, US main source of cyber attacks

Web application attacks have grown 69 percent compared to Q3 2016, up 30 percent on the previous quarter according to the Akamai Q3 State of the Internet Security Report.

RSA 2016 (video): Interview with Akamai VP of engineering Ohad Parush

As attacks become more complex, large datasets can help identify attackers across multiple sites, says Ohad Parush, VP of engineering at Akamai.

48% of companies accuse their competitors of staging DDoS attacks against them

A recent survey has revealed that 48 percent of businesses believe they know both the identity and motivation of those behind DDoS attacks carried out against them, a large portion of which believed it was their competitors orchestrating the attacks.

Potential DD4BC copycat, The Armada Collective target email providers

A new cyber-syndicate has arrived on the scene targeting mainly email providers and using tactics which seem very familiar.

'Let's Encrypt' aims to drive adoption of HTTPS

Some of the world's biggest security companies are working together to develop 'Let's Encrypt' - a new certificate authority (CA) offering free and automatically renewable HTTPS web encryption.

DDoS attacks grow as first DIY kits emerge

The latest report from Akamai Technologies has revealed another increase in DDoS attacks and the resurgence of botnets to carry out server-based attacks.

China no longer lead cyber attacker

Indonesia has overtaken China as the world's worst source of cyber attacks, according to a new study of internet traffic, as the number of DDoS attacks rise sharply.