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c£30 per user for eToken PRO+PKI client 4.0

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Strengths: Easy to install, but plan to spend time getting familiar with the interface

Weaknesses: Support is missing in key areas and, much like Linux, leaves the client to figure out options

Verdict: This is a solid product, but can be confusing and lack of support can be frustrating

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Aladdin's offering is software-based and includes the ability to apply two-factor authentication as well as digital signature using the Aladdin tokens. The token management system (TMS) includes features for self-service for user resets, centralised reporting and logging, and centralised management of users and devices.

The tokens for Aladdin can be used for email encryption, smart-card authentication on the client or for SSL using client-side certificates. Many applications and devices take advantage of Aladdin eTokens for software protection, as well as user authentication.

The solution is built on Active Directory and installs easily on Windows Server 2003.

The software installed in three chunks: the PKI client, the TMS server and the single-use password authentication server. Once the software was installed, navigating the software to unlock tokens was a bit maddening. It took more than 30 minutes to figure out the correct path.

However, once the tokens were unlocked, they were easily distributed to the clients and, like most standalone options, the eTokens offered secure USB storage on some devices. Also, like most two-factor authentication systems, Aladdin's TMS can be used for reduced sign-on or be programmed into identity management systems (see SC February 2007 group test) for a single sign-on option.

The accompanying documentation is supplied in the form of PDF files. It is easy to follow and the layout is logical. It will be necessary for most administrators. It was indexed and searchable.

Technical support for the Aladdin system is limited and is widely related to the initial installation process. The manufacturer's website offers little in the way of a knowledge base or FAQs about the product.

The site does offer electronic copies of the documentation that comes with the product. The website also lists a contact telephone number.

The pricing for the TMS offering was at the high end of the price spectrum, starting at  around £30 per user in low quantities for the eToken PRO + PKI Client 4.0. The various features make the Aladdin system a strong performer and a good overall offering.

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