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Strengths: Dongle-based software protection

Weaknesses: None that we found

Verdict: These guys pioneered this approach and they still lead the field with first-rate products, making Hasp SRM our Recommended product in the area of licence protection

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Aladdin Hasp SRM controls access to protected software applications, either through a hardware dongle or through a virtual dongle that resides on the end user's hard disk. In both cases, Hasp SRM provides secure licensing that ensures that the vendor gets paid for every copy in use. This product uses enveloping technology that delivers advanced IP protection for Windows, .NET and Java files. Also included is the Hasp SRM Business Studio, which provides good licensing features.

We found this product to be simple to use, from installation through to product deployment. The installation took only a few minutes and was guided by a setup wizard. This wizard helps install both the application and the Business Studio Server. After installation, we launched the Vendor Suite application, whose application interface is easy to use and intuitive to navigate. We were able to get our master dongle to protect an app and assign the key to an end-user dongle in less than five minutes.

Hasp SRM allows for a different kind of DRM. It protects software and applications from piracy or unauthorised use - as well as meeting licensing requirements - by requiring that a user needs to have a dongle to run an application.

Documentation provided with this product included a quick-start guide that outlined product installation as well as a step-by-step demo exercise to get the feel of using the product. Also provided was a short handbook that contained a tutorial on how to use both its software protection features and the licensing abilities of the product. Documentation is easy to follow, with step-by-step instruction and screenshots.

Aladdin offers both phone and email 8/5 technical support free of charge to customers. There is also a support area on the website that includes downloads, FAQs and a knowledgebase.

With a price starting at £2,747, with keys purchased by volume, this product may seem quite pricey, but we found that it does offer a lot of software protection and licensing functionality that is practical and easy to implement. This is why we deem this to be good value for the money and give it our Recommended award.

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