Aladdin Knowledge Systems has announced details of a successful project to help the Piggott School in Wargrave, Berkshire, to strengthen its IT security and prevent the use of anonymous proxies.


The use of proxies has previously proven difficult to block under the school's previous content security system. Using an Aladdin Web Threat Analyser that was set to monitor the Piggott school network over the course of a week, the device spotted 2,500 malicious or illicit websites had been accessed, showing the existing URL filter was not doing its job correctly.


It also found 22 viruses with nearly 6,000 spyware and security exploits spotted, showing internal machines were compromised and sending unknown information to outside networks.


James Fisher, IT manager for The Piggott School, said: “We treat the security of our ICT very seriously as we use it extensively across almost every department. We have traditionally scanned for viruses and blocked access to non academic websites but the use of anonymous proxies is a relatively new area which our old security platform was not equipped to deal with.”


“The school's IT environment is a difficult one to manage as we need to balance allowing our students to access a wide range of resources via the web but still protect users against illegal or illicit content.”


“We went for an appliance because it is much simpler to manage and integrate into our existing infrastructure and can scale if we need to add more PCs to our network,” explains Fisher.


Ian Davin, sales and marketing director for HANDD, an Aladdin Knowledge Systems partner, said: “The reason for many of these threats became clear as the school's current perimeter security had been circumvented by the use of 87 different instances of anonymous proxies, which had allowed users to bypass URL filtering.”