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AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow



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Firewall Analyzer from £1,500; FireFlow £19,000

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Strengths: Not missing a thing. Compliance, audit, accountability and management in an easy-to-use web-based interface

Weaknesses: Nothing operationally; bit on the pricier side for both products

Verdict: Great enterprise solution, may be pricey for smaller organisations

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AlgoSec consists of two products that are fully integrated but available as standalones. AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) is a firewall operations and security risk management solution that provides automated, non-intrusive firewall, router and VPN audit and analysis. It helps network administrators improve their ability to assess their router and firewall configurations, track changes and improve performance.

AlgoSec FireFlow is an intelligent workflow solution for network security that automates the rule change process through the entire security policy lifecycle, from submission to audit. It is a solution that ensures firewall changes are approved, necessary and implemented as intended.

The solution is available in multiple forms. There is an appliance-based version; a download version on Linux (32-bit) for deployment on your own hardware; and a VMware offering. This is one of the few solutions we reviewed that was not agent-based. AlgoSec interfaces to the various products it supports through standard API or syslog-style log formats to gather the config and alert information.

This is a feature-rich offering. We were impressed with the full-service offering, including device discovery, management, audit, implementation recommendation builds, ticket tracking, integration with third party ticketing systems, risk and compliance capabilities and reporting. The level of integration available for most of the better-known security devices was very good. The product delivers a good network-mapping tool based upon routing tables. The system will graphically display the network, based upon the various routing tables it can pull from the products it is managing.

The system was easy to navigate, with great high-level presentations of data with drill-down to very granular detail level. The risk and compliance capabilities were impressive and the reporting and audit validation capabilities add a nice benefit to what IT and security teams usually strain to deliver for management and audit reviews.

A great management and audit tool that might be on the pricey side for SMBs; but a very good solution. For its functionality, we give this our Recommended nod this month.

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