Open-source security information and event management (SIEM) vendor AlienVault has launched a system for sharing threat intelligence.

The AlienVault Open Threat Exchange is free for contributors and is aimed at open-source security information and event management (OSSIM) users and AlienVault customers.

According to the company, it is built into the OSSIM and its unified security management platform. It said that it automatically cleanses and collects threat data from a variety of security devices including firewalls, proxy servers, web servers, anti-virus systems, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and feeds the latest threat intelligence back into participating OSSIM deployments.

The AlienVault Research Lab then reviews and validates all threat data to ensure that only the most accurate and actionable intelligence is published.

Roger Thornton, CTO of AlienVault, said: “The OSSIM community is spread among many industries and countries, and is composed of organisations of all sizes, making it the most diverse and comprehensive threat feed possible.

“Other threat intelligence services are often based on data from a single type of security device, are available to only a select set of users, or require a subscription. Our Open Threat Exchange delivers on our mission of harnessing collective intelligence for the common good by providing the broadest scope of threat intelligence data, sourced from the largest community of SIEM deployments, freely to anyone who contributes.”

Jose Luis Gilperez, director of product development and security innovation at Telefonica Digital, said: “With the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange, an attack on any part of our network or on any member of the AV-OTX community alerts everyone and helps us all to respond to threats far more effectively.”