Sourcefire has announced that it is now delivering its Snort Intrusion Prevention services through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud in the form of an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

It said that this will enable customers to proactively monitor network activity for malicious behaviour and provide automated responses. By leveraging Snort installed on the AMI, customers of Amazon Web Services can further secure their most critical cloud-based applications.

Snort and Sourcefire vulnerability research team rules are also listed in the Amazon Web Services solution partner directory, so that users can easily ensure that their AMI includes the latest updates. By being cloud-based, Sourcefire explained that Snort can be easily updated by downloading a new machine image.

Matt McCormick, vice president of business development at Sourcefire, said: “This new Snort service enables Amazon Web Services' users to protect the most critical assets in their cloud universe, providing an easy to manage solution that is automatically updated in real-time with the latest rules.

“Sourcefire's architecture and approach provides a number of opportunities to leverage cloud-based services, and we look forward to working with our customers to add even more protection for their web services.”