A California woman and her husband have been arrested on suspicion of taking millions of dollars from McAfee.

The Santa Clara District Attorney's office says 35-year-old Susan Despinic of Los Gatos and her husband, 37-year-old Aurawm Almaneih, were arrested Wednesday on grand theft charges. Each face one count of felony theft and one excessive-taking enhancement on suspicion of stealing more than $2.5 million and are due to appear in court on November 14th.  If convicted, they each face up to seven years in state prison.

Prosecutors have said that Despinic, who worked as a product marketing manager for McAfee, directed more than $3.8 million in business from the company to vendors in which she had a financial interest.

Prosecutors say at least one of the firms was a dummy company set up by the couple for their own benefit.

McAfee spokeswoman Tracy Ross said: “We have implemented permanent control improvements, including moving senior procurement staff to Santa Clara and clarification of procedures and responsibilities. When all this initially came to light we reduced the threshold for legal review of procurement activities while the new procedures and controls were put in place."