More than 59,000 Americans could be affected by a data breach in Ohio.


During a routine check of the IT department at Cincinnati-based Luxottica Retail, it was discovered that a hacker had been inside a computer mainframe and downloaded the personal information of more than 59,000 former workers.


Details downloaded include names, addresses and social security numbers. Investigators were allegedly able to trace the hacker's IP address to Molly Burns, of Glendale, Arizona, who has a five-page arrest record that includes theft, forgery and drug charges.


Warren county cyber crimes task force Lt. Jeff Braley, said: “Basically, we have potential victims in all 50 states. You not only see the criminal history this suspect has, but you see the ties that they have and that is much more worrisome.”


In a statement, the company said it deeply regretted the incident and has improved its computer security so this does not happen again.