The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organisation (AMTSO) has added resources for software testers to its guideline document and resources repositories.

Its members have recently adopted two testing guideline papers, with new guidelines advocating a more balanced look at the effectiveness of products, taking into account multiple layers of detection and protection.

Dr. Igor Muttik, representing McAfee, said: “This guideline document marks an important step in developing tests which accurately measure how an entire product actually functions when exposed to threats. Too many current tests focus on individual technologies, such as on demand scans. Only by testing all of a product's protection capabilities in a comprehensive test, can one provide a more realistic view of the security offered to computer users by contemporary security suites.”

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of F-Secure, said: “The performance testing guidelines examines the myriad - and often subtle - complexities in conducting speed tests. It is very tempting to take a simplistic approach to measuring speed and footprint of an anti-virus program.

“However, there is as much art as there is science in understanding the various elements which can skew the results for the unwary tester. This document will help testers understand these issues and allow them to take the necessary steps to minimise them and take them into account.”

AMTSO members are currently working on several more guidance documents, and extending its co-operative links with other organisations. Four major research papers have been added to the testing-related resources page at and discuss testing methodologies.