The anti-malware testing standards organisation's (AMTSO) announcement that it will conduct reviews of software will be seen as a threat.

David Harley, director of malware intelligence at ESET, claimed that it was 'probably inevitable that some testers will see this as a threat' but should be welcomed.

Harley said: "I'd rather see it as a positive step towards improving testing practice globally, and it looks like testers are starting to think proactively about getting their methodologies reviewed independently. Speaking purely personally, I'd much rather be involved with helping testers that way than with 'going after' bad testers with a big stick shouting 'You didn't do it right'. But I guess we'll have to see how it all plays out."

He further claimed that this is one of the most interesting aspects of the current AMTSO work. Although it has taken a while to select suitable participants and establish the basic mechanisms for requesting and carrying out a review, 'this is definitely a job that needs to be done', said Harley.