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Big data, not Big Brother: context tackles safeguarding in education IT

What is needed for online use analysis in safeguarding is context, and it's here that big data analytics and machine learning can help educators correlate activity with what we might know about the individuals engaging in it.

FS-ISAC hit with phishing attacks

A Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) employee fell victim to a phishing attack that compromised login credentials enabling additional phishing attacks.

Hidden Cobra malware infects Androids, turns Windows machines into proxies

The DHS and FBI on Tuesday jointly released two new reports analysing trojan malware attributed to Hidden Cobra, aka Lazarus Group -- a threat actor widely believed to be sponsored by the North Korean government.

Cryptominer malwares in RIG EK spread via malvertising

Malwarebytes researcher Jerome Segura analysed a RIG exploit campaign distributing malware coin miners delivered via drive-by download attacks from malvertising.

The rise and rise of ransomware

The relative low cost of ransomware as a business means that criminals can jump in and out of the business. Davey Winder looks at why it continues to work.

Industry Innovators: Analysis and testing

Our selection in this category is living proof that one doesn't need a big organisation to turn out a first-rate product with a lot of innovation behind it.

CT Expo: indentifying terrorists with digital forensics

Digital forensics speed up the digital battle against Al Qaeda indentifying what needs to be translated.

After the crime: content-based forensic triage in practice

The digitisation of all aspects of business and growing volumes of digital storage are causing the global digital forensics industry to expand rapidly.

Sourcefire boosts remediation technology with trajectory and indictators of compromise features

Sourcefire has added file detection and trajectory software to allow visibility of threats for remediation.

BAE Systems Detica launches cyber event analysis tool

BAE Systems Detica is to launch a tool that combines Big Data analytics with event analysis and investigation tools.