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Mass injection web hacks yield to targeted attacks

Malware authors targeting websites have begun trading quantity for quality, according to web security firm Websense.

Web attacks are financial boon for crooks, Cisco finds

Cybercriminals are still making large sums of money by pushing spyware and pharmaceutical spam, but internet fraudsters will leverage banking Trojans and other web exploits, particularly on social networking sites, for far greater returns in the future, according to a new report from Cisco.

2008: A year of cybercriminal innovation

With the emergence of new attack techniques and the reinvention of old ones, 2008 has been a year of cybercriminal innovation.

Poynter review: HMRC has radically reduced security risks

PwC chairman Kieran Poynter, the man tasked to investigate what happened in the catastrophic HMRC data breach, has revealed that significant progress has been made since the disastrous information leakage last October

Security spending bucks economic downturn

Organisations are substantially increasing their expenditure on security products, especially tools which help compliance and privacy and help prevent data leakage

Securing businesses is "extremely challenging", claim UK bosses

British businesses are finding that protecting their organisations from hackers, social networking threats and browser vulnerabilities is an increasing struggle, according to research

Second tier vendors to challenge McAfee, Symantec on endpoint security

AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky and Sophos are making inroads into the market share of the endpoint industry leaders, largely on the grounds of using less processing power, a leading analyst argued today

Voice biometrics wins cautious early acceptance

Consumers are warming to the idea of using their voice to gain access to their private information, but widespread concerns persist