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Data Propria, heir to CA, working for RNC, possibly Trump campaign

Data Propria, an analytics firm focused in part on voting and run by Cambridge Analytica's head of product, Matt Oczkowski, is working on 2018 campaign polling initiatives for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Modern IT compliance demands a continuous approach

A cloud-based platform can enable businesses to integrate all its relevant compliance-based data and information into a single view enabling the standardisation and normalisation of the data.

How CISO teams can 'see the things they shouldn't miss'

It's rare that CISOs have a horizontal view across their controls to know where to focus their resources for best overall effect which is why Nik Whitfield says agile analytics is a core capability that security teams already require today.

User-behaviour analytics: The monster hunter for a different type of cyber-crime

Jamie Graves discusses why companies are turning to user-behaviour analytics to monitor their network for suspicious activity.

93% of UK orgs say security is critical to protecting their brand

Eighty-nine percent of UK organisations experience increased customer retention owing to their security practices.

Harnessing integrated security analytics

The era of silver bullet point solutions has created major problems for cyber-security management - from operations to intelligence and response. Skybox Security EMEA VP Justin Coker looks at how integrated security analytics are taking up the challenge.

Princeton PhD candidate develops framework for measuring web privacy

Steven Englehardt, a PhD candidate at Princeton University, unveiled his open source web measurement platform developed to allow for online tracking measurement.

Industry Innovators: Next-generation security monitoring and analytics

The approaches that each of these Innovators takes is focused on a specific way of viewing the security monitoring and analytics problem.

Update: Government officials being targeted with the retailer's techniques

A new threat intelligence report from FireEye has identified a group using techniques and tools commonly employed by retailers to target high-level government and military officials.

Decoding the DNS: A new arena in cyber defence

Cyber defence tactics are constantly evolving to meet new threats - but one area that has been undervalued up until now is the Domain Name System (DNS), says Simon McCalla.

Could your user access mismanagement cost you £2m?

Predictive analytics can scrutinise employees' network activities to forestall fraud and other insider threats, says Paul Dyson.

Companies analysing loads of internal cyber-security data

Enterprise organisation employees asked what types of internal security data they collect, process and analyse daily.

Big Data: A big deal?

IT decision makers are leveraging Big Data security analytics tools to serve up more information on threats, reports Doug Drinkwater.

Coping with chaos

It may be a time of great change for the infosec industry, but advice on achieving the budgets needed to keep up with new threats remains remarkably consistent, reports Thomas Brewster.

RSA Conference: RSA launches additions to Security Analytics and managed service model

RSA has announced the launch of new software and services to defend and mitigate against attacks.

RSA combines SIEM with incident visibility to create Security Analytics

RSA has combined technology from the acquisition of NetWitness to create a granular analytics platform.