Android mobile and tablet security solutions introduced by Webroot

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Webroot has announced the launch of security software for the Android mobile platform to protect smartphone and tablets.

Webroot has announced the launch of security software for the Android mobile platform to protect smartphone and tablets.

According to the company, Webroot Mobile Security for Android smartphones and Webroot Tablet Security leverage the company's anti-malware, cloud-based and URL scanning technologies to block threats and assess the safety of website links before a user clicks on them.

It said that key safety features include the ability to protect a user's identity and personal information if their device is lost or stolen, by remotely locking the device, wiping contacts, text messages and other personal information and sending a temporary access code to a trusted friend in case the user forgets their password. It also sends a map showing exactly where a device is located and sounds a loud alert to help users locate their phone or tablet nearby.

Webroot said that it can block mobile threats before they can infect a mobile device by scanning apps before they are installed to ensure they are safe, scanning web links and URLs to block phishing and other harmful content and checking for security updates to ensure the device has the latest protection.

Quinn Curtis, vice president of mobile solutions for Webroot, said: “We believe in protecting you as an individual, not just the device you use to connect to the internet. With smartphones and tablets, we carry around vast amounts of personal data including our contacts, emails, passwords, and even financial information. This data is targeted by cyber criminals through malware, online scams and device theft and the market success of the Android mobile operating system provides the scale they need to make those attacks profitable.

“Webroot now can mitigate risks to Android users from malware, malicious websites and personal information loss as they add smartphones and tablets as an extension of their daily lives.”

The software is available at Dixon's retail stores, while a basic version is available for free on the Android Market. The company confirmed that it will introduce mobile security applications for additional platforms later this year.


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