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The bug hunt

Big companies are controversially rewarding the research community to find code flaws. By Angela Moscaritolo.

Mozilla fixes crash issue in new version of Firefox

Mozilla has been compelled to issue an update for the new version of Firefox after a bug caused version 9 of the browser to crash.

Google removes malicious applications after 14,000 downloads

Malicious apps were uploaded to Google's Android Market at the weekend.

Bug may enable remote code execution in #Chrome

Google Chrome contains a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to silently execute remote code on a victim's machine outside of the browser's built-in sandbox protections, according to researchers at Slovenia-based Acros Security.

Duqu highlights AV industry's shortcomings

As security researchers continue their analysis of Duqu, experts say the Stuxnet-like malware was likely used in targeted attacks for several months before being discovered by anti-virus (AV) companies, highlighting the shortcomings of an industry that many say is failing to keep up with sophisticated threats.