Angler Exploit Kit News, Articles and Updates

No honour among thieves: Sundown EK stealing exploits

Trustwave researchers have looked at the new version of Sundown exploit kit, finding it to be riddled with other people's exploits

Hackers shift to Neutrino exploit kit to spread CryptXXX ransomware

Change of tactics from cyber-criminals may be an attempt to bypass signature detection and improve infection performance. gossip site serves up malicious ads - again, home to Hollywood and celebrity gossip news, has served up a new set of malicious ads to some of its half a million daily site visitors.

New York Times, BBC and Newsweek dish up malvertising

An array of global entertainment, news and commentary sites have been hit with perhaps the largest malvertising campaign yet.

Trustwave identifies whopping big new Angler campaign

Malvertising campaign discovered which is leveraging the good reputation of an abandoned domain name to get malicious ads on to popular sites.

Let's Encrypt certificates issued for malvertising campaign

The generosity of the free TSL certificate non-profit, Let's Encrypt, has been abused by malvertising cyber-criminals

Pre-Christmas browsers get more than they were angling for

Tempting collection of free Christmas images lures 60,000 users into Angler exploit kit sleigh ride. Destination: CryptoWall 4.0.

Cyber-crime article on Guardian site delivers malware via Angler EK

An archived article on The Guardian website that investigates cyber-crime is providing more than information, it's delivering malware via the Angler Exploit Kit.

DailyMotion hit by malvertising attack

Researchers at Malwarebytes spotted a malvertising attack targeting the popular video-sharing site DailyMotion.

Nuclear Exploit Kit malware drives users to Kelihos Trojan family

International Council for Women homepage compromised, legitimate Windows libraries used to construct attack

Cisco hinders access to Angler exploit kit

Cisco has struck a blow to a hacker group that interrupted a significant international revenue stream that was produced by the Angler exploit kit.