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Story behind how low-level Apple employee leaked iBoot source code

Much like a horror movie in which a close nit group of friends steal something for a good time only to open Pandora's Box, the story behind how Apple's iBoot source code leaked plays out similar to the plot of 28 Days Later.

Want the inside track on protecting yourself from hackers? try the Dark Web

Finding dark web sites - programming the crawlers to search specific sites - is extremely complicated and difficult because,unlike a surface web address, dark web sites don't use HTTP addresses, but instead use onion addresses.

Security researchers discover over 100 suspicious Tor nodes snooping on traffic

New research claims to show that up to three percent of hidden services directories, the backbone of the Tor anonymous router system, have been compromised, which could enable the identification of users in some cases.

4chan creator believes in absolute right to anonymity

As American authorities investigate the latest in a long line of school shootings, attention turns to the anonymous chat site 4chan and its creator who defends the absolute right to privacy.

Russian firm tasked with cracking Tor throws in towel

A Russian firm tasked to gain information on Tor users is paying more than the value of the contract to back out of the agreement.

Users could sue Ashley Madison for failure to control data

Caught with its pants down, Ashley Madison clearly failed to practice safe security. How damaging is this for the company and could users take it to court?